Tiki Beach Shop and Radio is a Hobby turned Cool!

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Tiki Beach Shop.com is brought to you by Kent & Ally Whitaker. We love the beach, beach music, beach food, tropical things, art, sunshine and more. We were sitting on the boat thinking out loud one day when we realized that several of my recipes in my cookbooks, yes... I'm a culinary writer and cookbook author, leaned towards beachy things. And, Ally and I had always seemed to have an eye for beach photography, travel and tips.

Then, we thought about many of the artists we knew who loved the beach. Heck we even knew several musicians who would let us play their music online if we added a radio station to the thought process. Then, a few friends, contacts and people we met along the way were models... mnnn, things that make a website.... Trop Rock, beaches, music, food, travel reads, cool art, bikinis. Done!

You may have noticed that we play Trop Rock, Country, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Reggae and whatever we feel like. The art featured so far on the site is all from Ally and I including pictures and images unless they are associated with a musician.

In short, Ally and I hope you enjoy the trip to our own little slice of paradise. Eventually we hope to grow Tiki Beach Shop & Radio into a place where we can feature more and more designers, musicians, craftsmen and more all with a beach, or fun loving, style. Right now we're just having fun and we hope you enjoy your stay with us... and tell your friends!

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