Surfing in Arizona? Yep! Hey all you old timers, don't you remember the hours on end day dreaming about catching the big wave, feeling the salt air, and feeling the sun against your skin? Well, a couple fo beach loving young ladies in Arizona, with a love of surfing, took advantage of recent flooding caused by rain trailing off the end of a tropical storm that cruised across the region.

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If you can't make it to a Jimmy Buffett concert then this option may be your best bet to join in on some Parrot Head fun! Try to catch Jeff Pike and A1A - the original and endorsed Buffett tribute band. You'll often catch some of Jimmy's band members sitting in and possibly Jimmy himself.

A1A Band at RiverBend in Chattanooga

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Have fun flipping through some images of the great times in the tailgate area prior to any given Jimmy Buffett concert. Tailgating has never been so much fun! Click on the image icons below to get started!





For some reason the trop rock world is flip flop deep with men as singers, musicians, and song writers. I guess we can both thank- and blame - Jimmy for this. Heck, every Trop Rock singer wants to be on the stage with the man. But, I'm here to remind music lovers that there are many, many lady Trop Rockers out there. What type of website would this be if we didn't offer up a list of sexy lady Trop Rockers! Keep in mind, this list is in no way complete as we were limited to only a few selections for the article. And, there will be a list of sexy male Trop Rockers posted as well.

Naia Kete

Naia Kete is an amazing voice and has a musical style that blends her love of rythmn and vocals with music that always makes you want to move. Her sound has soul, Regae, Trop Rock and more! She's based on the West Coast and backed by a very talanted group of musicians. Check out her music and website HERE.

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A few weeks ago we posted the story Sexy Female Trop Rockers. Soon after the story hit the web over 24 thousand people read our fun look at some of the ladies of Trop Rock and music. Also, soon afterwards we started to get emails and comments about not only the fact that we needed to add more women to the list -  more ladies to be added soon - but that we also needed a list of Trop Rock Hunks! So, in response to the requests Ally and our volunteer group of female interns and contributers came up with the following list of 6 Trop Rock Hunks as voted by the women of Radio!

Tim Charron

Tim Charron has quickly become a favorite of both Trop Rock fans as well as country music fans. Charron is currently on tour where he just opened for ACM New Artist of the Year Justin Moore. Tim often posts pictures of his tour pics, fan photos, beach foods and drinks, and according to the females here at Radio, some pretty nice walking on the beach pics! As one intern said - "Ohhhh, and he sings and plays guitar!" You can find more about Tim Charron, his music, and his tour dates HERE. Photo: Via Tim Charron Facebook

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