A Frozen Martini! YES! Wait; is this for real? A real vodka martini, in a variety of flavors, that only has 100 calories, and it's like a Popsicle called SKINNY FREEZER? Be still my beating foodie, and beverage loving, heart! I write barbecue and grilling cookbooks and let me tell you... it get's hot standing by the grill in the middle of summer. Now there is a low –calorie frozen... yes... frozen, treat, for adults, that won’t hit your waistline!  It CAN however hit the POOLSIDE, BEACH SIDE, BAR SIDE, and GRILL SIDE! Made with premium 8-times distilled, charcoal filtered Vodka, this medley of Martini flavors will delight your palette! So whichever “side” you choose take the new 100 calorie Slim Chillers Vodka Martini SKINNY FREEZER! Your back side will thank you. This adds a whole new layer to tailgating at the game, race, or just in the back yard while the game is on the radio.

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Bratwurst, Cheese, and Beer for a Chowder... in a crock pot? YES! Are you looking for some great slow cooker recipes that are packed with flavor and easy to follow? If so I suggest you check out the new book by Julius Wellington which is dedicated to tasty foods prepared in crockpots. Slow Cooker - Crock Pot Recipes Guys Devour: Mouthwatering Crock Pot Recipes! - Not A Morsel Will Be Left Over by Wellington is now available as a digital download via Amazon in the Kindle format.

As a barbecue and grilling guy that’s dedicated to easy cooking, with a passion for low and slow methods, I can honestly say that I may now be a crock pot junky. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve cooked my fair share of dishes in the crock pot. But, I’ll admit that its main use comes during Super Bowl parties. Yep, you guessed it; heated cheese dip, mini hot dogs, or meatballs covered in sauce. Now I have plenty of more options to choose from thanks to Wellington's newest book.

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BEACH BUTT RUB! Yep, and we don't mean bikini bottoms! Suddenly Grilling and Barbecue has a TikiBeachShop.com inspired flavor! Kent "The Deck Chef" Whitaker and TikiBeachShop.com Radio are proud to introduce a new selection of rubs for grilling and barbecue. The difference? Hand selected spices mixed together for perfect flavors with the added flavor of all natural powdered fruit. Yep, we infused the flavor of oranges, lemons, limes, pineapples, and more with Kent's traditional rubs and seasonings!

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Easy Grilled Shrimp! Summer grilling is getting started and that means plenty of grilled shrimp and other tasty items cooked over open flames! When it comes to shrimp I'm a sucker for serving a pile of the little guys, and many other seafood items, up with a side of cole slaw. But, sometimes you need a different take on basic cole slaw!

Here’s a nice version of a coleslaw with an Asian feel and the taste of Mango as well. Enjoy!

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Ben Ford serves up Big Flavor with Taming the Feast

What does a family love of working with tools and fine craftsmanship have to do with cooking? The answer comes in the form of a new cookbook. Chef Ben Ford has taken on outdoor cooking in an adventurous manner! His new book, Taming the Feast – Ben Ford’s Field Guide to Adventurous Cooking, is a visual treat for foodies.

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