Talk about cool! This product demo video from Ocean Rodeo offers ups some pretty nice footage of fantastic Kite Boarding. Hat's off to Ocean Rodeo and their Razor promo vid!

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Outdoor Gear

If you’ve been a on a fishing boat any time in the last several decades then there’s a chance that you’ve noticed a fish finder somewhere on the craft. When I bought my first fish finding piece of electronics the year was probably 1988. At the time all I could afford as a new parent was a base model that had the ability to show blobs of dots in variations of gray on a screen about the size of a deck of cards. The screen was hard to see and the numbers and text so little that the blobs were really all I noticed.

At the time I was thrilled. According to the packaging and sales literature I now had the ability to find fish where ever they were in the water. Hopefully the blobs shown on the screen indicated a big fish, or some smaller fish, or possibly a submerged prop killing rock or submerged log. I was pretty excited when I first used it. I even caught some fish! But now, looking back at the whole situation… I’m amazed I could even read what the blobs on the small screen were indicating.

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Outdoor Gear

Do you want to keep your beer, or food, ice cold on a scorching hot day? How would you like your cooler of ice to last 30% longer? If you spend time outdoors then you know how important a nice cooler full of ice can be. Nothing beats having ice on a hot summer day. Actually one thing does; having ice when the hot summer day turns into a hot summer evening on the water. If keeping ice from turning to water too quickly is one of your pet peeves then I suggest getting a made in the USA KoolerCap!

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Outdoor Gear


Hobie made a huge splash at the annual ICAST show in Orlando, Florida this week as they rolled out their brand new two person boat in the Pro Angler line. Fishing out of one of Hobie’s Pro Angler 12- or 14’s is so much fun that Hobie is now making it possible for two anglers to share the experience in the same boat.  Introducing the Pro Angler 17T.  Three different configurations include traditional in-line tandem seating, face-to-face social tandem or solo, all with enough room for man’s best four-legged friend…and with plenty of space for standing, casting and fly fishing in comfort.  

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(NewsUSA) - It's summer. Do you know where your cellphone is? That's not a silly question in light of new findings that more mobile phones are lost, stolen or damaged in June, July and August than any other months all year -- with July holding the dubious top honors.

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It’s true! Some beginner or weekend anglers out there hate the idea of catching a catfish because that means you have to remove the hook. If you’ve ever been “stuck” or “barbed” or “poked” or “finned” by a catfish you know that there can be a slight amount of blood involved. Those days are over thanks to the Fish Gripper!

Now you can pick a fish up and remove the hook, weigh it, or simply pose for a quick picture before returning your catch to the water unharmed. All you need is the Fish Grip which is lightweight tool that looks like a vice grip pair of pliers. Check out the gallery at the bottom of the article for some great pics.

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Are You Ready To Man Up With your Bottle Opener?

If so then it's time for you to grab The Bottle Wrench Tool! Alright, let’s talk cool man presents! You know what I’m talking about - the kind that when you’re standing around the grill and your buddies say “Hey, where the heck did you get that?” The Bottle Wrench Tool is one of those gift items and it’s made in the USA. The Bottle Wrench is the manliest bottle opener ever invented. Each Bottle Wrench is hand formed in Savannah, GA from a real, 100% metal wrench. “Our motto is that it’s a wrench first and a bottle opener second,” Jake said. Each one comes with a U.S. military grade 550-paracord strap for hanging the Wrench on display with many colors to choose from.

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Outdoor Gear

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