Tim Charron Chasing the Sun Album cover

Get the suntan lotion, beach umbrellas and cold beverages ready!
Country music artist Tim Charron is ready for spring and summer days with his new album titled Chasing The Sun. Tim Charron has taken his country music style to the beach and he's earned his sea legs with his newest offering!

Chasing the Sun combines Charron's country music style and tempo with a fresh blast of Trop Rock air. The country music artist has performed across the country and his brand of country music is often compared to artists such as Kenny Chesney, John Mellencamp, Zac Brown and now you can add Jimmy Buffett to the mix.

A nice mix of songs
The album features a nice mix of songs backed by some of the best musicians in the Music City. Song titles include Chasing the Sun, Country Songs, Island Life, Downtime, Livin' the Dream,Three Sheets to the Wind, A nice outro of Island Life and a pretty cool closing track which features Charron talking about the album, thanking some fellow musicians and his fan club.

All of the songs strilke a nice blend between country music an Trop Rock music. Some are foot tapping fun such as Down Time and the title track, Chasing the Sun, calls beach lovers to the sand. Charron also offers a couple of nice tune to sleep away the afternoon while resting in a hammock.

"My Chasing the Sun album was born from a love of... Freedom, Travel, Escapism, Wanderlust."

Tim Charron is currently traveling the country with a nice collection of concert dates which can be found on his website listed below. In addition, Charron is pretty tuned into sociall media and does not hesitate to interact with his fans so be sure to make use of the contact links below.

Buffett, Brown and Chesney should save a beach chair for Tim.
With Chasing the Sun Tim Charron can rightly take a seat, well... a beach chair, next to musicians such a Buffett, Chesney and Brown.

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