A few weeks ago we posted the story Sexy Female Trop Rockers. Soon after the story hit the web over 24 thousand people read our fun look at some of the ladies of Trop Rock and music. Also, soon afterwards we started to get emails and comments about not only the fact that we needed to add more women to the list -  more ladies to be added soon - but that we also needed a list of Trop Rock Hunks! So, in response to the requests Ally and our volunteer group of female interns and contributers came up with the following list of 6 Trop Rock Hunks as voted by the women of TikiBeachShop.com Radio!

Tim Charron

Tim Charron has quickly become a favorite of both Trop Rock fans as well as country music fans. Charron is currently on tour where he just opened for ACM New Artist of the Year Justin Moore. Tim often posts pictures of his tour pics, fan photos, beach foods and drinks, and according to the females here at TikiBeachShop.com Radio, some pretty nice walking on the beach pics! As one intern said - "Ohhhh, and he sings and plays guitar!" You can find more about Tim Charron, his music, and his tour dates HERE. Photo: Via Tim Charron Facebook

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney wooed the very un-scientific group of voters as one of the TikiBeachShop.com Radio top Trop Rock hunks. Chesney has combined his playlist of country and Trop Rock stlye music into a following that often resembles Jimmy Buffett fans when it comes to tailgaters and number of beach balls in the crowd. Of course, who can dislike Key Lime Pie? Check out Kenny HERE. Photo: via KennyChesney.com

Mike Nash

Mike Nash is the front man for Trop Rock Music Association award winning band The Soouthern Drawl Band. In truth, Mike and all of the guys in the band were deemed as being "hunks" and "cuties" by the TikibeachShop.com Radio Ladies. Southern Drawl has developed a nice following which is said to include former Univeristy of Tennessee head football coach Phil Fulmer. The bands version of Rocky Top is now associated with Big Orange "Go Vols" Football. Check out Southern Drawl and their Trop Rock Music Association award wining music HERE.

John Patti

John Patti is much, much more than a Trop Rock musician. in fact, he's has taken playing steel pan drums to incredible heights with his range of music knowledge and skills. He's played across the globe, played with countless musicians over the years in just about every musical genre, and even played the national anthem for a professional MLB baseball game! Check out John and his music HERE.

"Barefoot" Reggie Starrett

Reggie Starrett, call him "Barefoot!" Reggie performs a wide varitey of music, from classic rock , to country ,to reggae, to Trop Rock with plenty of originals. You can follow Reggie on his website HERE.

Greg Dillard

Greg Dillard's crossover sound of Trop Rock music, Country, Rock, with a hint of Zac Brown has impressed listeners of TikiBeachShop.com Radio and it seems as if this musician has a "hunk" side as well. Dillard proves that you can be a song writer, musician, nice guy, husband and daddy as well as pulling off the "hunk" card with fans.  HERE.

Cali Conscience - A BONUS Pick!

Cali Conscious is a TikiBeachShop.com Radio listener favorite. The band combines the music of the islands with a free flowing Jam Band style that makes you want to move. Our ladies could not decided who in the band to deem a TikiBeachShop.com Radio Trop Rocking hunk... so the voted for them all. Pictured is Cali Conscious with Chuy Vidales, Daniel Yo, Justin Ratowsky, Anthony Haas and Diogba G'Bye. Check the band out HERE.

Images: Photos and links courtesy of the musicians, social media sites and or their PR reps.


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